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May 23, 2007



Yay! Good one. Those lolcats are totally addictive.


o hai im in yr blog, ritin u a comment


Pam wins!


The last article at Mental Floss right now is about Mr. Rogers, and it links to the Esquire profile about him, and a eulogy, and I am wiping the tears off my cheeks.


Stealing credit cards beats vomiting in your bag. (It's hairball season! I have to go clean one up now from the middle of Peter's marbles game on the rug. Echhh. "Mom...what's THAT?")

I got two neat Mental Floss t-shirts a couple weeks ago for my older son (the Pluto RIP and Pavlov ones). Tres cool.

I guess I have to go read the Mister Rogers article. My morning is so blown...but I can't wait to show Cheezburger to everyone tonight.


You have to send that to (and visit) www.stuffonmycat.com. One of my favorite sites.

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