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May 27, 2007


Cap'n Ganch

I can't get the individual post to link up, but you might want to check out: http://www.ohmygoditburns.com ... near the bottom (four or five posts down), they "scientifically" try to make high-end vodka out of bottom-shelf stuff with a Brita filter.


I drink Chopin when I'm feeling ritzy, but I often buy Stolichnaya, too. My main consideration is whether it burns when you drink it straight. There are probably a half a dozen other considerations that connoisseurs attend to, but I have no idea what they might be.


I've tasted Brita-filtered cheaper vodka and it does make it more smooth.

I like Stoli, which seems plenty good most of the time. We filterest a really cheap vodka and came out with something that was better than Stoli, at least.

Generic Humanoid

Well, this is an interesting topic. Most typically, the neutral grain spirit vodkas are differentiated by the combination of the charcoal filtering of the spirit and the water used to dilute it. However, potato vodka has a completely different taste from the NGS form. My personal favorite, though, is called Starka -- which is vodka, aged in a barrel for years. The tradition used to be that a barrel of vodka would be buried in the ground the day of a child's birth and dug back up upon their 18th birthday.


I'm vodka ignorant (the rare times I drink it, it's drowned by sissy stuff), but I find Snob-Buster reports like this very satisfying!

If I ever get to the point of drinking straight vodka, I guarantee it won't be the flavor I'm after.

Generic Humanoid

Well, mommyralf, all I can say is if you are looking for a different vodka experience, I would say that some form of starka would probably turn you on. Most other vodkas (Chopin and the potato varieties) really are just distilled, watered down grain alcohol.

As an addendum, I can truly attest that the ONLY two purposes for Peppar Vodka are: 1) bloody mary's and 2) gagging when drank straight!

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