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June 17, 2007



Mmmm. We'll be trying this soon, probably sans rosemary, thanks to picky kids. I assume it'll be very tasty without.


Maybe you can halve the marinate and do yours with the rosemary -- it really does add a nice flavor. Once the meat is grilled, the little specks are barely noticeable. (Says the woman who cooked and ate her steak AFTER her kids were in bed.)


This is great! I use a very similar marinade for venison, but I use lots of roasted garlic, fresh rosemary (but could easily use dried) and molasses instead of the brown sugar. Oh and a little crushed red pepper. It's so good.


I notice that you are cooikng on a cast iron grill. I just recently bought one. How do you care for it? I've watched a couple of videos (including yours) on how to care for cast iron pans but the grill seems more of a pain because of the grids. And I am not sure if I am supposed to be greasing the whole thing and heating it in the oven every single time I use it.. or only if it's needing to be seasoned. If I have to do that every time I probably won't be using it as much as I'd hoped. =(

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