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June 18, 2007



That kind of crap gets my adrenaline going, but I usually implode rather than explode, and wind up with a headache or something from maintaining polite silence. At least you spoke up.

Now, columnist Miss Manners never condones meeting rudeness with rudeness, but I think this spectacle would push even her over the brink. I would love to see her response.

In retrospect, what would you have done differently? You and the parking victim could have blockaded her and kept her away from the counter. That would be half reasonable. Or customers lean on the door and keep her from getting out of the store (not so reasonable). I'm guessing you've come up with a score or so of scenarios...

So what was her name? Paris Maytag? :)


Well, of course I always think of "should have saids" after the fact, but in this case all I could think of was, "You're NOT special" -- but that wouldn't have done a damn thing. She just didn't give a shit. She was particularly immune to my brand of "killing with kindness." Argh.


You are sure you weren't in Boca?


Did this discussion go on while she (the high heels) was still waiting in line? Wouldn't it have been great if the counter person had refused to serve her until she moved her car!


If she had left her car window open, I'd have happily sacrificed a $5 frappe and poured it all over her front seat.


We don't get much double-parking in our suburbs - more a South Philly thing I think. No, what I get all the time is the guy driving in front of you who stops his car in the middle of the street and hangs out the window to talk to some friend on the sidewalk (or, even better, to some other driver who's in a car coming from the other direction!). Grrr...

Badly Drawn Boston Boy

I'da messed her up bad! Screw the car - I would have used the frappe over her instead!

Grrr. I'm moving back to Canada.

Breanne Boyle

Oh! Good story! You should enter our contest. Check it out. This story could be submitted:


I HAD to revisit. I like Michael's suggestion. And if windows were closed, dumping down the driver's side window would be lovely, with door handle properly coated.


Andy suggested dumping it down the windshield, into the crevice where the wipers come out, and the vents are.

Paris Redroofinn

Some people are so self-absorbed. How hard is it to wait a few minutes out in the street while someone gets her ice cream? Is where everybody is going SO important - more important than MY food? Seriously. And what's that got to do with my shoes?


Well, maybe things are different in West Chester, Ohio, but here in Boston the lines for ice cream are long, and it can easily take more than a few minutes. Someone who has an appointment to get to, or whose parking meter time has expired, or who has a car full of perishable groceries on a hot day has every reason to be in a hurry.

Oh, you were joking. Now I get it.

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