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June 08, 2007



I'm so glad you liked them! They rule...her voice is so amazing. I always assumed like the bird...but who knows?
I was also very surprised you hadn't heard Jeff Buckley given your predilection towards poncy (as my husband would say) folk.
in this house, it is one of our favourite genre, so I point you towards a few others.
*Lori McKenna - local chick with the most honest lyrics you'll ever hear.
*June Tabor - British, librarian, amazing voice. Unsure? I can email you a track.
*Kate Rusby - Simply BRILLIANT. Try any track on Ten, Little Lights or Underneath the stars. Particularly heartbreaking...'My young Man'
*I'm going to assume Patty Griffin has passed your radar before, but if not, listen to any album (except Red - more rock) and revel in her tone.
*Richard & Linda Thompson - again, British. Amazing guitar and her voice is rather haunting.
*Pentangle - Again from across the pond, but some of the tracks are really rather gorgeous.

If I think of any later I shall pass along...if you wish.



I know all of those you named except Kate Rusby. I'm a dedicated WUMB listener!

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