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July 17, 2007



This is depressing--especially Carey Elwes! Fred Savage is basically unchanged.


I refuse to believe that Cary Elwes generally looks that awful. He was in Liar, Liar a few years ago, and looked just fine. And see here: http://www.eonline.com/celebrities/profile/index.jsp?uuid=2ef2e86d-18e4-4d41-b46b-bde220f96d0d
Otherwise, they all look pretty good.


Well, I guess that in between the Harry Potter festivities this weekend (getting the book AND seeing the movie), we'll need to work in a 20th-anniversary viewing of this, my all-time favorite movie. It's become a family tradition. I think my son first saw it when he was 5. One year - I think he was 9 - he watched it on video EVERY DAY during his Christmas vacation. (I guess I should mention that he's 23 now, so that was a while ago, but he still loves it.) PB quotes work into conversation frequently around our house. And the tradition continues into my new family - we used the theme music for my processional at my wedding last fall, and husband and I sat at the "Buttercup and Westley" table. (This was the same wedding with the Simpsons cake topper - we are nerds, but eclectic ones!)

It looks like that feature got most of the major players, but like you said, no one's really fallen into obscurity, so there weren't any big surprises.


We quote it quite a bit around here too. I haven't seen it as many times as you have, so I'm eager to rent it next week. Ooh, I bet there will be a 20th-anniversary DVD with special features!

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