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July 05, 2007



You only say that because of your recent mouse adventures. I've seen a couple of professional reviews of this movie and I hear it's fabulous! Maybe I'll find me a little kid and take him to it. :)


We saw it this weekend, and it made me want to go home to the kitchen! I really enjoyed it.


Yes, I very much enjoyed all the foodie stuff, but the entire rat "commune"? Not so much.


As someone who's returned to culinary school at 40, I will say this: I'd much rather work with rats.
Wonderful movie.


Reminds me of the "Honey I Shrunk the Audience" attraction at Disney World. It's one of those 3-D things, and you can actually "feel" mice crawling up your legs as you watch.


We saw it! We loved it! Pixar keeps outdoing itself.

Poor Karen and the horde-of-rats scene.

Would it make you feel any better to hear that I stepped on a large slug with my bare foot on July 4th? It's a day freedom, after all! I freed his soul.

You may puke now.


In interviews with Brad Bird, I've read that yours is the reaction he wanted! Originally, the rats were more anthropomorphic, but he contended that they needed to be more rat-like in order to elicit a more visceral reaction. I thought that the juxtaposition of rat/human cooking scenes worked well, but the final few scenes (SPOILER ALERT) showing the whole rat family saving the restaurant to be a wee bit pat. That being said, I agree with Florinda - I wanted to go home and cook!. Erratum - this was my wife's first drive-in movie! The Wellfleet Drive-In is a great vacation stop on Cape Cod.

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