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July 12, 2007



Yes I also just loved this book. Hard to believe that someone so accomplished started out knowing nothing and learned everything on her own because she was just interested in anything connected with food. There's a new book I also enjoyed called Backstage with Julia : my years with Julia Child by Nancy Verde Barr.


Thanks, you just added to my bedside table load. I've got Bourdain, a biography on Antoine Careme, Omnivore's Dilemma and Hugh Fearnley Whitingstall still in the queue...*sigh* will I ever read anything again that isn't food related?


Please tell me you've read Heat (Bill Buford)? If not, put all others aside. I read most of it in the New Yorker, but I finally just my copy of the book back from an endless stream of borrowers -- I haven't actually read the whole thing straight through yet!

Next food-read for me is Animal, Mineral, Vegetable.


I can well imagine the sigh upon finishing. Oh jeez, I see another bookstore trip in my near future...

I pass around MFK Fischer's "Art of Eating" to friends for a taste of bygone romantic days. Now I can't wait to read about Julia and Paul, especially.

In the final months of this last school year, I ended my bickering boys' strife over morning PBS cartoons (Clifford vs. Curious George) by tuning in to Julia's "Cooking With Master Chefs" on another station. They were riveted, to my eternal amusement. Absolutely no more arguing. Not that they'll eat sauteed sweetbreads in puff pastry, but it sure looks cool.

Deb C

I've loved Julia Childs since her days on PBS. Thanks for the heads up. Next on my list as well is Animal,Mineral, Vegetable by Barbara Kingsolver. I just finished reading "The Illuminator" by Brenda Rickman Vantrease. Any other historical fiction fans?

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