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July 01, 2007



Wow! I'm making these today.

And damn you for making me look at yet ANOTHER cookbook.;)


I made these this past weekend. I've wanted to try them for a few weeks, but didn't get a chance till my day off last Friday. I wanted to bring something to friend's house on Saturday for swimming and a cookout, and the kids left for another week at "Camp Grandma" on Sunday night, so it seemed like the right time. They got rave reviews and I definitely will make them again. I'm a brownie fan, my husband prefers chocolate chip cookies, and the kids love both, so these are a win-win at my house.


That is so cute!

But she could be right. According to some odd polls, vanilla is the scent that most turns men on :)

I like that cookbook and I am SO NOT a baker.

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