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July 14, 2007



Stacy Peralta made a perfect film, but I have a fortunate geographic and generational bias. I grew up just an hour and a half north of this scene and vividly remember my own little part in the rebirth of skating. Skateboarder Magazine was more visible on the floor of my bedroom than carpet.

Most of the folks I know who've seen this film love the Penn narration because it's real and not pretty - much like skating was (and is.) I can't imagine it any other way without it becoming just another gussied up slide show.


I'm not saying that Penn should have tried to make it sound all glitzy and Hollywood, just that he didn't sound as though he cared even the smallest bit about what he was saying. The main players sounded so passionate and enthusiastic that the contrast really struck me. I can't say that it detracted from the film, but it was something I noticed in a negative way.

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