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July 15, 2007


Anne Glamore

The Glamore family never misses the Tour (on TV) and has recently gone up a size in bikes, bringing to 7 (SEVEN!!) the total number of bikes in the garage. We are a family of 5, of whom only the 4 males ride.

If they didn't do this in lieu of XboX and Game Cube or whatever, I'd say we're NUTS.

Actually, I know we are.

Congrats, and have a few bandaids ready!


Our bike store lets you trade up when you're buying a new bike, which ends up being a great deal as the kids grow.


A bittersweet day in cycling history: the Wise kids learn to ride, Mick Rogers abandons the Tour.

I hope your kids are now lifelong members of the No Emissions Vehicle crowd. :)

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