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July 16, 2007



You are going to hurt but OMG, you rock!! Spinning is insanely hard. You might want to consider a squishy gel seat cover for your poor tush ;)


Yes! I said to someone afterward that I finally get the importance of those padded cushy-tushy shorts.


I don't have a clear idea of what spinning is, and how it's different from the stationary exercise bicycles of previous years, and why the change in name???


Spinning is great!!! People think it's hard because they are watching people who have done it forever. It's different from a stationary bike (in response to the other comment) because the controls are much more precise and you can make minute changes to your tension to make it harder or easier, climbing or sprinting, etc. The whole concept is that it is YOUR class...you make it what you want to. No one is insisting that you go full out at any time. It's really good to do with a heart rate monitor if you want.

My friend Andrea teaches at the Y class I go to in Boca. And my friend Amy teaches kind of in your area...at Wayside...which I think is way outer suburbia to you.

Now, if you and your new two-wheel biker want to get REALLY crazy, you can do the PanMass Challenge like Amy does every year!


Check out this article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spinning_%28cycling%29. As far as I can tell, the bikes can be adjusted, and everyone can work at his/her own pace. It's also done in a group setting, and to music, which makes it more fun and inspiring.

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