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July 26, 2007



I'm so glad you posted that. I heard that on the radio years ago. Of course I was driving so I couldn't try it and I couldn't write it down. By the time I got home I couldn't remember it completely and I've wondered about it ever since. Now I have it in writing. Thanks!


Oops! Wrong article. Don't know how I did that. Of course this belongs on the car talk blurb.


My stepkids have a cat (at their mom's) named McGonagall, after a certain Hogwarts professor. I'd name a dog Dumbledore, but we'd probably have plenty of reason to call it "dumb" for short. The husband has suggested naming the next dog "Dumas" and pronouncing it without the French accent (and first syllable sounding the same as in "Dumbledore"), since that would probably end up being accurate. I used to want to name a dog Elvis, but since I married an actual Elvis fan he might not be too crazy about that one. We actually ARE dog people, despite how this probably sounds. I agree it's far better to stick your pets with names like this than your kids.

Oh, and I love "Lester Bangs" for a cat - but then again, I also love that movie!


After Shaggy and Verna pass (their names were inherited), I've always thought I would name my next dog something very common, like Matthew or Jason or Michael.

"Matthew! Matthew.. Heel!"

I also like the name Groomswald.


I've often thought it would be fun to have a dog named Kevin.


You are wise to stay away from listing "egregiously horrible" baby names, despite my desperately wanting such a list to laugh at. You could get yourself shot.

I can't even remember the name anymore, but one I heard a mom beckoning at her youngster immediately had me muttering "Oh, Jesus Christ..." under my breath. It was a hoity toity name in an uppity area.

Our old cat names: Wendell, Wesley and Blanche. I sure like the flexibility of "Dumas" from above. We need that kind of flexibility for the alternately sweet and stupid furry things here.

Peter C.

Don't leave us hanging. We must have the egregiously horrible baby name list immediately! You'll probably only lose a small portion of your readership...


Our cats are named Puck and Lulu, which I think pretty much fits the "cool but out-there" criteria.

We've often said that if we ever get another pair of cats, we'll name them after our two favourite cartoon characters: Butters from South Park and Coach McGurk (Coach for short, of course) from Home Movies.

Swiss Jo

This is rather topical in the UK right now! Here are names that some so called celebs have chosen to burden their children with.


I will mention one name friends just gave their new baby which I, in fact, think is a fantastic name: Aragon Quintus Graff.

Needless to say, the dad is a professor of Greek rhetoric.


I once had a cat named "Emma Lester Peel Bangs" -- a jet black kitten with Lester's 'tude and Emma's catsuit sleek.

In my elder agedom, I have two fond reminders of kitty ELPB; the compete DVD set of the Emma Peel episodes of "The Avengers" and my wel, well worn copy of "Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung: The Work of a Legendary Critic", an anthology of Lester Bangs.

Both are an event, not a state of mind.


We have a theme...our dogs have been Garth, Chesney and Toby. If we ever get a female animal, I guess she is destined to be Shania or Reba.

I've heards some bizarre names...but having a Haley, the one that stuck with me was the one that was spelled Hayleigh. I mean...how to make a 2 syllable word have as many letters as humanly possible!

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