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July 20, 2007



I'm very impressed with your commitment to exercise. It's so easy to push it aside. I like spinning a lot; pilates is better than yoga in that it doesn't put me into deep REM sleep and does do the core-thing. I swore I would never run. In the name of speeding my workout up I do sometimes alternate walking and running on the treadmill. I usually forget to wear the proper "support" and don't run because I don't want to frighten the others. Even a 30 second run every five minute really gets the heartrate up. So, I didn't save my keystrocks....


Well, it's still a dreaded chore and one I would give up in a second if there were a "quick fix" available. I did yoga for a long time, but I didn't feel I was getting enough out of it in terms of "real exercise" -- that is, it was great for flexibility and all that, but I really need to focus on the big three: cardio for heart health, weight-bearing exercise to ward off osteoporosis, and SOMETHING, ANYTHING for my squishy torso. Sigh.


How did you know I was going to suggest running? Sure, my knee hurts me and my hips hurt me and I have a little ankle issue, but it is by far the best exercise I know for losing weight/fat.


I am such a spaz, I would surely get injured my first day out. I also think I'd be bored. I also think I'd cheat.

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