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July 23, 2007



Oh man... what timing: We're dropping ours off next week, for a decidedly shorter period, but still. Thanks for the lump in my throat. :)


My wife and I are among the nameless, faceless rabble of 40-somethings with no children. While we are enjoying a long weekend in Toronto to see "The Police" reunion concert, there will never be anything we can experience that approximates yours parents. This is not to be in any way snarky or sarcastic, but to say that we the childless do envy those of you who have kids to share these experiences. Love of husband-wife is profound, but love of husband-wife-child is timeless. We spent three hours at the Toronto Zoo today marveling at the animals, but I far prefer the opportunity to see such things through the unjaded eyes of a child. For instance, a brother telling a younger sister that she'd get "monkey butt" if she didn't keep scratching her's all the time. Or that "alligators make better friends than shoes". Out of the mouths of babes...

Lynn Loomis

Audrey had her first overnight camp experience this summer as well. She was only gone five nights, but we missed her horribly. She did fine, but did get very homesick. I got a letter the night before we were supposed to get her that said "Come get me now!"

She is glad she did it and says she'll do it again next summer.........but five nights is enough for her. Honestly, I never thought I would see the day she would go to any camp. She is the one who is the clingiest.......still!

Peter C.

I'm way too overprotective to send my kids to overnight camp. But it would provide for a nice break, wouldn't it?

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