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July 20, 2007



He already had it and they found polyps and took them out. I'm thinking that polyps is DC speak for bits of brain. I don't know if that's a proof positive of what we've all suspected or bad news because that's all he had left and he's going to get even stupider.



Bonnie Jacobs

This is too funny! I have to share it with friends. Laughing out loud.


Maybe they found that he's animatronic after all -- and all rusted out in there to boot.


I think he's using the polyps to think; that may be his problem. I'm having my colonoscopy Tuesday, and am already nervous for the prep. My husband says the procedure is nothing, but the two days of eating low fiber, then liquid are going to KILL me. (or at least, make me very grumpy) P.S. Cheney is a malevolent elf.

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