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July 30, 2007



Wow Karen. I'm so impressed. I have had days where I've done back-to-back classes at the gym but the thought of a third is truly hilarious. The real question is, how are you feeling the next day??


My neck and shoulders were a little stiff when I first woke up, probably from a combination of the PIlates and sleeping very soundly without turning over enough. But overall I'm surprisingly less sore than I thought I would be -- which makes me wonder whether it'll be a delayed response and tomorrow will be the killer!

I'm trying so hard to find time for cardio, weight-bearing exercise, and core work that I couldn't resist the chance to knock 'em all off in one day. Soon enough the kids will be out of camp, and then I won't be able to go to the gym at all until we get back into the school routine.


Congrats! Wow! So much more effective than playing golf, which usually ends up involving drinking beer!!! I love the smell of beer on a golf course!

My BFF Amy is riding in the Pan Mass Challenge this weekend...so maybe you were subconsciously pumping her up with your intense workout!

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