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August 12, 2007



I haven't looked at this week's Book Review yet. Did they reduce the width of the pages as they did w/ the rest of the paper this week? That might account for it. But I agree. I prefer the old typeface.


There still seems to be the same three 2-5/8" columns across in the Book Review.

Going Like Sixty

Count the number of words in your sample. Notice the space between lines. Cut down the size of the paper but cramming in more words.
I would say too from your sample that they even have reduced the space between letters.


My wife and I were fascinated by the font change on the highway signs. I first noticed it about 6 months ago outside Erie PA on my way to Cleveland. I have friends who are font designers, so I'm particularly attuned to this, and my wife does web based communications, so we have plenty to talk about font-wise.

I noticed the change in the Book Review also. I wonder if it has anything to do with the paper going to the smaller tabloid format? The NYT does crazy stuff like leaving the right edge of the articles ragged if it is an opinion piece, but justified if it is a straight news piece. However, that only applies to the print edition, not the web site. Couldn't be clearer. Sheesh.

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