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August 31, 2007



Hey, I thought we agreed that the whiteout holster was a pretty good idea!


I was just humoring you, fearing you also had a chainsaw.


My worst co-worker was probably this weird-looking little guy. It was hard to feel any sympathy for him because he was also very nasty and devious. He had disgusting habits like sticking pencils in his ears when he was talking to you. Once, the eraser came off inside his ear and he had to go to the company nurse to get it out! Ah, those were good times!


Jeeez, a trip down Bad Memory Lane. Thanks a lot.

It's a tie: the creepy Vietnam vet with the Barney Fife swagger at the pet shop, where I quit after a week, and The Woman Who Would't Shut Up. Congratulations to you both.


Life is about moments and I had a cool one when I read this post and realized, hey, I know exactly who the weird guy is. And I'm married to him! No, no, no, just kidding. I had forgotten the Liquid Paper holster--that detail brought back a wave of queasy memories.

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