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August 13, 2007



LOL! I thought it was Tyler Florence!


Ha! Arthur was out favorite when out kids were younger, and we still pull out some of the videotapes now and again. Especially Arthur's Perfect Christmas.

And, we have a "Baxter Day" celebration every now and again, when we are too stressed or tired to do anything productive.


My first impression (and I knew it was incorrect) was Dave Matthews. Then (also sure it wasn't) Ryan Seacrest. I never thought of Matt Damon.


Arthur is my favorite, too (it's on in just a few minutes). I am particularly fond of D.W.


It's in some ways very unrealistic (and I'm not even talking about the fact that they're all animals!) -- for instance, the kids are allowed to walk around town by themselves. But in other ways it's more realistic than other shows -- the parents bicker, things aren't always "fair" in the kids' eyes, etc.


We all love Arthur too, I can actually catch my husband sometimes watching it every once in a while, without any kids in the room - LOL! I really hate it that my kids don't watch it as much as we used to when they were younger.

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