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August 17, 2007



Sigh. You have a local folk station. We're so backward here I can't stand it. Me, I became a believer in Sheryl Crow after I heard her do Ode To Billy Joe on VH1. Incredible. And Leaving Las Vegas is one of those gotta sing along in the car songs. I have that same live version.


You can listen to my station streaming live: http://wumb.org


Funny, although I like Sheryl Crow a lot I hate "Leaving Las Vegas." She howls the second syllable of "Vegas" most of the time and she sounds terrible.

Dave Matthews lives in Seattle, you should come hang out here. He gets spotted at the Whole Foods and at local music venues all the time.


I agree, and that's why I was surprised that I like this live version. I still can't stand the way she shushes her s's, though.

I'm not allowed in Seattle because I hate coffee.

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