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August 24, 2007



My favorite thing about Little Village (other than the music) is, if I remember the story correctly, when they were trying to think up a name for the band Nick Lowe suggested "the Nick Lowe Band." With a straight face. His backing band (those three no-names, Hiatt, Cooder and Keltner) didn't go for that one.

Then again, they were almost called "Little Village People," so it could have been worse.


Ha! Well, what can you expect from someone who called himself the "Jesus of Cool"?! (even if he is...)


Cast me in with the lot who own the Little Village CD! A must-own for any Nick Lowe / Ry Cooder fan.


OK - wasn't reading carefully enough, because your iPod rulez! (Isn't that how the kids spell it?). Dave Alvin came through Buffalo about 4 months ago and played in a neighborhood bar called the Sportsmen's Tavern. A great show in front of maybe 150 people. He still has his chops to do the old Blasters tunes, but his voice has mellowed nicely. Peter Case is a Buffalo boy by birth, and he shows up now and again. I know some local musicians with whom he grew up, so it's nice to see them jam together when Peter Case is in town. If you don't have his "Flying Saucer Blues" CD, I recommend you check it out!

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