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August 29, 2007





You could get a pair of progressive sunglasses like the ones the Missus has. But you're probably too young to need progressives or bifocals...heh.


Don't take this the wrong way, but I was actually startled when I opened your web page. You look like Professor Trelawney from Harry Potter! :-) I have bifocal sunglasses and they come in very handy for reading at the pool.


Believe it or not, I have generic clip-ons for my reading glasses--they don't look bad and do the job at the beach.


I actually have a pair of reading sunglasses - found them for $5 at a swap meet in the San Fernando Valley. I actually get all my +1.50 reading glasses (probably not long till it goes to +1.75) there. Can't beat the price, and I don't get too upset if I break or lose a pair. But I have been known to wear both reading glasses and sunglasses on chains around my neck at the same time...that gets old pretty fast, though. (As am I, apparently.)


I have heard that flea markets / swap meets are great places to get reading glasses. I am THIS close to needing them, but I am holding off for as long as possible. But when I DO get them, I can guarantee you that they will be funky.


You can have a pair of reading glasses treated (I don't remember the exact term) so they darken in the sun. My own regular prescription has this added feature. I've found it annoying, but I bet on glasses used only for reading, it could be convenient.


My eye doctor's office will tint an old pair of glasses for $20 or so. Maybe yours would too, if you have a pair of reading glasses you don't wear anymore.


Four eyes!
Where are you people that your local lenscrapper doesn't have buy one get prescription sunglasses free? Or are you all just cheap? Walgreen's has a nice selection of magnifying glasses.
Our friends who use them buy them by the dozen because they keep leaving them places, plus they have a pair in every room in the house
Since I am really old, I have lined friggin' tri-focals AND a pair of computer glasses.

Crap. Should have made this a post at my place.


I just realized, when I look at your new picture I tend to lean in... LOL

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