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August 10, 2007


Going Like Sixty

I work in a business where we have to fix other people's problems. I'm lucky enough to have a person that does it with little complaining.
But I hate it that we make the person that submitted the rotten material look sooooo good in the end.
It's called caring about the customer.
Now bill them extra. We call it the PTA fee.
Pain In Ass.


I too get tired of always being the Good Guy, but I guess that's the cross I have to bear! (And we all know that I'm not THAT good anyhow...!)


I think the most difficult part of working is having to rely on other people -- and it amazes me how often they don't hold up their end of the bargain. After dealing with this for years on end, I'm pretty jaded with WORKING and yearn for fulfillment. (Retirement).


The pain in the ass surcharge is a beautiful thing -- I absolutely second that emotion.

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