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August 23, 2007



I liked Before Sunset which is the sequel to Before Sunrise.


Ah yes, me too. Good one.


I just read the item you linked to, and I really think this is NOT a good idea. "Ferris Bueller's Midlife Crisis." Can't they just leave our memories intact?

But maybe we should be grateful they're talking "sequel" and not "remake," which I think would be even worse.

If you take series movies off the table, I'm not coming up with many more sequels that were worth it. (Also, considering how many "Rocky" movies there were, could that be considered a series too?)


Toy Story 2


Oy, not a remake -- that would indeed be worse!

I guess by "series" I mean when it's planned to be a series from the outset.


Ah, excellent! In fact, in some ways I preferred Toy Story 2 to 1 because it didn't have that scary Sid character.


"Aliens" was far better than the original.


I bet I saw both, but I can't remember which was which -- oh wait, was that the one when SW was very tough and had a buzzcut?


I saw "Garfield" in the theater and it was so bad that I can't imagine Garfield 2 being any worse.

Does that count?


Hmmm, so the question is: Does "probably not worse" equal "better" or even "as good as"? Sorry, but I can't give it to you! ;-)


NOT "Rocky II." And I loved the original "Rocky" a lot. Yeah re Toy Story II.


In an interview about ten years ago, I heard Matthew Broderick admit he would agree to be in a sequel to Ferris Bueller; he said people loved the movie so much, he considered it his patriotic duty.

So what that means is, if you hate Ferris II, you HATE AMERICA.

Why do you hate America? Why!???!?

Sequels I've liked as much as the original:
Men in Black II
Spiderman II (with the wonderful Alfred Molina as Doc Octopus)
Toy Story II
um ... that may be it.

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