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August 22, 2007


Going Like Sixty

Thank you. I usually don't have trouble with those. But will you do: lie lay laid layed? Seriously!


Gotta go back to the Archives for that one:


Did I do it? I used peek recently and I meant a wee glance, but now my interest in piqued near the peak of piqueness.


Thank you! This sets off my "grammar police" sirens every time. It's an example of the fact that spell-check is no substitute for proofreading, but if grammar isn't taught correctly in the first place, proofreading won't help either.

Bonnie Jacobs

I can say this myself, "Any mention of word usage or grammar piques my interest." The misuse of affect and effect is my biggest grammar-related frustration lately.


Regardless - Good word choice!
Irregardless - Double negative, no?

Just one of the many things that will cause my inner grammar police to come out and play.


I did affect/effect here: http://verbatim.blogs.com/verbatim/2004/05/word_usage_erro.html


Yep, I mentioned "irregardless" here: http://verbatim.blogs.com/verbatim/2004/06/taint_necessari.html. I think it might be time for me to collect all my grammar/usage posts together, perhaps in a sidebar link if I can!


This, my dear, is why I love you. Unfortunately, those who use these words incorrectly are not reading your blog. My husband has a sticky note on his computer screen with "their, there and they're" with the explanations of what each one means.

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