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August 08, 2007



Because "really" and "very" do not resemble the words "lightly" and "deliciously" and "perfectly", silly! (Used to be married to a marketing guy, so I know all about things!) By the way love the new photo!


oops, I mean THESE things!!


As a former marketing researcher, I'm sure it was tested up the ying-yang before they put it on the box!


I'm more offended by "Deliciously Buttery." You don't need to tell someone butter is delicious unless they've never had butter before. What are the odds that there's actual butter in there, anyway?

That said, I love the regular Club multi-grain crackers, so I'm looking forward to even more crispy enjoyment.


The chances are exactly zero, and I know that because I'm looking at the ingredients list. I guess they figured that "Deliciously Modified Corn Starchy" wouldn't fly.


I wonder if this product is being test marketed in Boston. I don't see it mentioned anywhere on the Keebler web site. Now if you only had not purchased it, they might have figured out that the problem was the "enjoyably crispy" and they would have had to change it!


They were released in June: http://kelloggs.mediaroom.com/index.php?s=press_releases&item=163


Elizabeth David deplores the word "crispy." She thinks (okay, thought) "crisp" much to be preferred.


Me, too. "Crisp" is a perfectly good adjective as is.

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