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August 30, 2007



I remember many years where my kids were among a few top tier kids in their classrooms, whereas the parents who requested all had their top tier children in the "favored" teacher's class. I did some letter writing myself, but I doubt that it's changed.


I meant "top-tier" in the sense of "favorite friends," not academically.


Went in yesterday for my Peter's 2nd grade meet and greet, and hallelujah, there are two names he saw of friends he really likes--definitely top tier material. Oddly, most of the kids' names I didn't even recognize.

And his arch enemy is in there for the 3rd year (familiarity has bred some contempt), despite my request otherwise. It's okay...at least I really like arch enemy's mom. We both laughed over the kids' mutual, overt statements of dislike yesterday. Socially, they're both behind a bit and still can get away with that stuff. I hope for some progress there.

Cool about Julie getting the same teacher. That makes life a bit simpler, no?


We just got our class assignments yesterday at 4pm and our school starts on Tuesday, so my school district wins the slacker award. Hijo's preferred friend is in his class, but most importantly at least two kids that I really like are there. Farewell, Summer!


Karen, your "top tier" response relieved me greatly. And in a situation resembling yours, my daughter going into K got the same teacher her sister had. Oddly enough, I wasn't crazy about the teacher's fit with that child, but I think she'll be perfect with this daughter.

Oh, and go Sox, for cryin' out loud.

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