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August 29, 2007



I'd've gone for the cider.



Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer

Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer is a two-hour daily radio talk show currently airing on Sirius' Martha Stewart Living Radio channel. The show's lifestyle talk format is marked by the different personalities of the two hosts, Alexis Stewart (daughter of Martha Stewart) and Jennifer Hutt (a.k.a. Jennifer Koppelman Hutt, daughter of Charles Koppelman). Individual episodes focus on various topics such as Stewart's romantic life or Hutt's family. Whatever premiered on Martha Stewart Living Radio on October 24, 2005, at 12 pm Eastern standard time as a launch program with the rest of the network. It was later moved from its original midday time-slot to 5 pm ET in 2006 because of show's sexually charged subject matter. A repeat is aired 7 days a week at 11pm ET on channel 112.

Whatever differs from the other programming offered on Martha Stewart Living Radio as it follows a generally more freeflowing format and offers advice outside the traditional content areas usually seen in various Martha Stewart-branded ventures, such as cooking and homecare. In addition, the program is being targeted a younger demographic than Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia's core audience, similar to the way the company has promoted its new women's lifestyle magazine Blueprint.

Whatever listenership increased significantly after Alexis Stewart made an appearance on The Howard Stern Show and coined the now-famous catchphrase "ewww, cunty!"
Wow...yet another reason not to subscribe to satellite radio.


Ah, Bulmer's. Back when I lived in Ireland, I had friends who drank it by the gallon.

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