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September 02, 2007



You all ran to see?? Why didn't you all run into the house?!


A bear? In Metrowest? Seriously? I've seen coyotes, fox and even the occasional fisher cat... but a bear? Wow. I'm having sudden flashbacks to A Christmas Story: "Flick says he saw some bears near Pulaski's Candy Store."


Good God, where do you live?

It's definitely animal week here, too. A great blue heron was standing in our yard the other day, one of our cats thinking it could stalk it (hah!). The heron was just standing there, probably having seen our sushi bar (goldfish pond). The cat lost interest, I took several pictures of it, then I shooed it away down toward the creek. It came right back up toward us. Bold thing.

A box turtle crossed my path when driving up our driveway this morning. I don't see that many who actually leave the woods.

And a huge hornet hovered outside our kitchen door at eye level and stayed right there even after I opened the door and stared right at it.

Should we notify Alfred Hitchcock or something?


This was up in the White Mountains where my ILs have a ski house. Once, years ago, Andy and Steph were walking along the river up there, my MIL had Julie out in the carriage, and my FIL was out somewhere too. I was home while Pete napped. A neighbor came to the door to warn me that a bear was out and about! All I could imagine was that my entire family was going to get picked off one by one, but they all came home unscathed. Andy & Steph had even seen the bear -- or makes that bearS, a mama with her cubs!

It gladdens my heart that there's still wildlife out there. Although the dead mouse in my basement this morning was a little more than I felt like dealing with....

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