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September 30, 2007



I loved this book too- also passed it by loads of times and finally picked it up on a whim. BTW, when the heck is book group starting up again? I can tell you in advance that I hated the book and rewarded myself for slogging through it with a saucy mystery immediately afterwards. :)


i LOVED that book. Every last word. Gorgeous.


just read it, too. loved it.


I haven't read it, but my older daughter is a huge fan--so we probably have the book lying around here somewhere.


Totally loved it. It was masterful. A true joy to read.

Karen P.

My bookgroup read it (and loved it) a few years ago and we wondered about the possibility of it being autobiographical. What do you think?


Well, his family is Greek, and he did grow up in Detroit and now lives in Berlin with his wife and child, but only they know whether he's a hermaphrodite! I would bet not.

Chris Cactus

I own it but have not yet read it. And I've had people trying to get me to for years! I guess I'll have to break down and read it.


I read this a few years ago, after leaving it sitting in TBR-limbo for awhile, because like you, I just wasn't sure the story was for me, despite all the good things I'd heard about it. When I finally did read it, my reaction was like yours - I utterly loved it. It was funny, sad, engaging, and FELT true, despite the far-fetched premise. I BookCrossed my copy so someone else could get a chance to read it, but I keep intending to buy myself another one. I don't do a lot of re-reading anymore - too many books, not enough of my life left! - but this is one of the rare books I would read again.


I so detested the Virgin Suicides that I wrote him off. Now I wonder if I should reconsider?


Middlesex was brilliant. I read it several months ago on the recommendation of my younger daughter (!) and could not put it down.


I appreciate stories of all lengths from flash fiction to novels. I would encourage you to open new avenues to discover new writers.

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