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September 04, 2007



We took all these steps when we let Bunny have her own email address on our home account. It's been a year or so, and it's going very well. Only had to have a sit-down talk once, a few weeks ago, and that was to break it to her that Bill Gates will never, ever send her a million dollars.


Good luck! It is really hard to maintain control over this once the genie is out of the bottle, so to speak. As a parent of teens, I'd suggest you reserve the right to monitor any and all Internet usage at your discretion. I still do it from time to time, and it is a good idea. Even "good" kids can get into a lot of trouble. Mine have unwittingly gotten themselves into some sticky situations. They become so computer-savvy, it's hard to stay one step ahead of them. P.S. Off-topic, but I just have to say that my husband saw Brad Pitt at a Yankee game last night!


When my 9 year old granddaughter got on the internet I bought her mom the book "Generation Myspace" so she could get up to speed on the web. A really helpful book.


We also set our kids up w/comcast addresses. One thing I did was set it up so that any email they receive is automatically forwarded to my email address. They haven't received anything inappropriate, but it does allow me to tell them when they've "got mail" as they rarely check it. Seems like IMing is more the thing for the teen crowd. My kids aren't to that point yet.

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