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September 16, 2007



Bring your friends to my house. I just started roasting my own coffee beans a couple weeks ago--WAY better than Starbucks. I have some nice teas, too. And it's probably only an eight hour drive from your house. Very doable if you use your minivan's little-known "Mach 1" gear. (I warn you: your coiffure will be wrecked.)

It was only last fall that I got my freedom: my younger one started 1st grade (we have half-day kindergarten), freeing that seven hour chunk for the first time in 11 years. God Almighty, what a relief. It's a new chapter of life opening. I'm happy for you!

gourmet coffee snob

Oh my...if you're entertaining and are serving regular old coffee to good company...shame on you...limme share a poorly kept coffee secret...

premium connoisseur peaberry coffee

and if you do jus the smallest bit of lookin...I'll betcha you can even find some free coffee...**hint-hint** ;-)

Always Drink Better Coffee
SpotaJava Coffee


The problem is that months can go by and we don't make coffee at home -- I don't drink it at all and Andy gets one cup at Starbucks (or Peets) every morning. So when it's time to entertain, we go buy a pound or half-pound at Starbucks and put the rest in the freezer.


You have to give me points...trying to catch up when my tee time for day two of the Club Championship is in 45 minutes! May I suggest that you purchase a French Press? I think they may have them at Williams Sonoma...they make a perfect cup of coffee without a whole involved coffee maker. Have your hubby pick up a bag of Starbucks coffee on his next stop and you will be all set.

If you really want to go crazy, you can buy a coffee bean grinder pretty cheap and grind your own beans as you need them.

I loved my Starbucks mornings after elementary school drop-off in Boca. Now that I am back in NC, my morning coffee is often in my friend's garage where we are either chatting or sitting quietly, each at our laptops getting our work done for the day.


We have a French press! We just don't usually keep coffee in the house.

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