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September 19, 2007



I'm more of an online customer service nerd, so I send emails instead. I once emailed Earthbound Farms to let them know I'd had to stop buying their snackboxes of organic raisins because there were way too many weird, crunchy, overly dried raisin nubs in each box, which was forcing me to painstakingly handsort the entire box before I could give them to Sam, who's one of those kids who gags at the drop of a hat.

Lo, and imagine my surprise when a month later I received a nice letter saying they were looking into their factory processes, along with a cheque for a $5 refund. I never cashed the cheque, because it was way more valuable to me as conversation fodder, and sure enough, a few months later, when I decided to give their raisins another try (because originally they really were the nicest raisins I'd found), they were as good as new! So it took a few months, but maybe your customer service calls were not in vain.


Here's hoping! I've frequently received refunds, coupons, and free products too. Ah, the memory of my Q-tips score is still fresh and sweet:
Part I: http://verbatim.blogs.com/verbatim/2005/12/breaking_news.html
Part II: http://verbatim.blogs.com/verbatim/2006/01/the_good_news_j.html


you might reconsider the metal water bottles. my whole family has the sigg bottles (amazon and reuseable.com)and mine is the only one w/ a very slight dent. they hold up amazingly well with our saltillo tile and rather energetic kids. i've given a lot of them to friends/family, too. they go in the dishwasher, also.


My kids have the Sigg bottles, too -- they're Swiss, which means well-made, and they're good-lookin'. I do call and e-mail to complain, but my run of luck ain't as good as yours with the freebies. I did do well with Stonyfield Farms, I recall . . .


I always call and have lots of good results. I even call when I'm happy and I've gotten coupons for that too.


I have switched from disposable water bottles to a plastic Eddie Bauer bottle I found at Target. It seems to work fine and is easy to stick in the dishwasher. I agree with you about the difficulty of opening the new Poland Spring sport bottles (and the fact that the blue thingy keeps hitting you in the face). I was chaperoning our marching band at a competition on Saturday night, and we could barely open those stupid bottles fast enough in the dark to hand them out to the thirsty bandos.


I have serious issues with over-packaging and the environment, so bottled water is difficile for me. We have the small mouth nalgene bottles which go in the dw, but are usually cleaned with kitchen bleach solution and hot water. We have a dozen of them. And we filter our tap water - for taste mainly.

I hate sports bottle tops anyway since I am obviously too inept to use them without spilling all aover myself:)


I buy bottled water for the same reason you do. For whatever reason, I just find those bottles most comfortable to carry around, especially the new-shaped Arrowhead ones (and I've got to have a sports bottle, especially for drinking while driving).

I'm not much for contacting customer service unless it's a major problem, and even then I'm more likely to e-mail than call. Phone calls just aren't my favorite thing.

Deb C

I will always e-mail a company if I have a problem with one of their products. Most of the time I receive a return e-mail asking for my address so they can send me coupons for other items in their product line.


I don't know about the Sigg bottles firsthand, but they just happened to be mentioned in yesterday's Food section of the Philly Inquirer:

"With so much publicity about plastic water bottles clogging the landfills, there's a lot more interest in the reusable ones.
Switzerland's Sigg offers some zippy designs for its leak-proof, unbreakable aluminum bottles. And a promise that the container will not absorb the flavor of whatever is in it, so refills will never taste funky.

Sigg water bottle, $19.99 for .75-liter size, at Whole Foods, Wegman's and L.L. Bean [outlet] in Marlton."


I had the same problem with the new bottle, it opened up in my wife's bag, and destroyed the bag, phone, and ipod inside.

Poland Spring, after some hassle, sent me $450 to compensate for the problem.


Yikes, that's awful! I'm glad (and, frankly, surprised) that Poland Springs reimbursed you for the damage.

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