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September 08, 2007


Anne Glamore

Do you want to invite my boys to live with you for a while? They'd ensure rapid Tabasco turnover.


I think I've been through a bottle or two since that one was purchased -- it somehow got hidden behind a big bottle of some kind of fancy-shmancy vinegar that I rarely use.


I always thought it had to be refrigerated.


Nope, anything with vinegar (including ketchup) can stay safely at room temp. But, apparently, not indefinitely!


I don't use Tabasco. I like Cholula. I know you don't have to refrigerate it, but I do anyway.


I am never sure when the color changes like that if it "went bad" or if the peppers in solution have lost color. Regardless, I toss it anyway. Not that Tabasco or Cholula lasts that long here :)


I've definitely eaten Tabasco that was that color with no problems. It changes color but tastes about the same.

Not only is it chock-full of vinegar, but a fair amount of salt as well. No self respecting pathogen is going to hang out there!


Yuck on the Tabasco!!! I am hopelessly behind on my blog reading.

What about vinegar? Do you refrigerate? I noticed that some of my vinegars say to refrigerate after opening. I have never done this before.

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