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September 25, 2007



I have a gmail account, but I rarely ever read my mail there. I use an offline mail client to collect my mail from gmail, and I read it offline. Mainly because I, like you, don't like the delay.

There are rumors that a big Google gmail change is in the works. One of the rumors is that they will make it work by downloading your mail for you in the background. That would solve the delay problem, but I expect your other complaints will remain unless they do a really big redesign.


I've said before, I really love gmail - and I think y opinions are the opposite of yours in almost every way:
- I don't notice the loading at all.
- I press 'archive' after I've replied to a message, which then takes me back to the inbox. Doing it that way makes it easy to see which messages I've replied to. Either that or I 'star' the ones I need to think about for a bit before I reply.
- When I need to refer to an old email while composing a new one, I press 'save now' - saves it as a draft, I look up the old message using search (don't use the labels, they're pointless with such a good search) then go back to my new message via 'drafts'.
- I never get any spam in my gmail inbox, it goes straight to the spam folder. Unlike my other 'anti-spam' type account.
- I really love the way it handles attachments - much easier.

Some things are just like that though; the TypePad configuration settings still drive me insane each time I have to use them.


Having to save and close the message I'm working on when I need to refer to another message elsewhere makes me crazy! I should be able to have two (or more) messages open at once. Oh, and another thing: When I'm replying to a message, I can't see all of the original message while I'm typing, so I have to keep stopping to scroll up or down. Maddening.

My spam goes all to my spam folder too, but I still have to dig through it ever since I found it trashing some of my "real" messages. ARGH!


I actually really like the threaded conversations - the lack of them annoys me when using Outlook at work. And as James said, you can have Gmail download into an offline mail client (my husband does that, and his is Apple Mail too). I'm with Kirsty on some of the other points, and I really prefer a web-based e-mail. But you know, the world would be a boring place if everyone liked all the same things in the same way! :-)


i hate gmail,,,it sucks.
ok,,when u get an email and you want to keep it ,right?,,,so you move it to one of the labels(folders) that u created your self, but it dont move the email that u want to save to that label(folder) it copies it to there,,,it get more stupid then just that,,,so you go to delete the copy thats in your in box,,,guess what happened,,,it also deleted the copy of that very email right from my label(folder).

so i email gmail telling them this ,,, they told me to email support,,i tried that ,,same responce,,,,so i just closed my gmail.com account ,,,,it was just for junk any way and nothing at all important goes there.

the END


The thing about Gmail is that the labels don't behave like folders do in other programs -- they really are just labels. So if you delete a message in one "place," it's deleted everywhere. It's hard to get used to!


thats why gmail sucks, how can you save something when it gets deleted from every where ?. whats the point of having a gmail account when you cant keep what you want and get rid of what you dont want,,,,oh wait a minute you can delete stuff,,,silly me !, one just cant keep stuff,,the only way to keep something i guess is to never delete nothing,,,,how stupid,,,,but thats ok ,,,,no biggie now , i'm with yahoo and hotmail, they work just fine, and there messengers are cool too.


oh by the way ,,,i like this page, nice and tidy, thank you for letting me vent about gmail. i wont complain about it no more ,,unless you want me too,,lol.


I don't see how threading messages is more convenient than sorting them by time and date. Logically, I would want the most recent email on top?

And thank you gmail for having a bunch of features for us to suggest and never see. Oh, I really did enjoy the joke you made about gmail doing my laundry.

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