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September 20, 2007



So, what happened to cause that kind of mayhem? Alison has had three sets of stitches in her face--eyebrow, chin and along her eye. She was always my adventurous one. Now she channels that into gymnastics, which is utterly terrifying.


Must be the name Alison (with that exact spelling). Last year, at age 4, my Alison whacked her face on her sister's bed frame and ended up with five stitches across the bridge of her nose and five in the eyebrow. Be sure to advise the parents of Girl C to buy scar serum/Vitamin E and use it diligently. It works, especially on that youthful skin.


What did Girl E's mom do during this episode? I think I would have accompanied the mom to the ER. She must feel absolutely awful about the whole thing.

the nag

It never ends. My younger son(23) broke two fingers at work yesterday and needed 14 stitches. When he came through the door and I saw his bandaged hand my stomach flipped.


Believe it or not, I have been RELIEVED when it has been kid A instead of kid B who got hurt at my house because I know kid A's parents can deal with it, are not going to blame me and understand that these things happen.

If you are smart as well as scarily prepared as I tend to be...you will photocopy your insurance card and give each of your kids' friends' parents the copy along with a release to authorize medical treatment in your absence. I actually only usually do that when we are traveling, but it's not too bad of an idea if your child has friends whose parents you trust and who you know would take matters into hand if something happened.

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