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September 09, 2007



Looks pretty good to me. Maybe search out some Jambalaya recipes for hints on other ingredients or spices.


Cayenne pepper, paprika, Cholula instead of Tabasco.. and you'll think I'm nuts, but try curry powder.


I think adding some spiciness to the chicken/sausage mixture would add some jazz to it - either your favorite hot sauce (which I would then use in place of the Tabasco with the shrimp) or some good chili powder. But I just bought some new chipotle chili powder from the spice store, so I'm on kind of a chipotle kick at the moment. :)


You've given me an idea -- maybe some of those yummy chipotles in adobo!


Add cilantro. Ha!


Ha indeed! Or some soap shavings...! ;-)


First, I always go with andouille with jambalaya, it presents the flavor profile I seek from a jambalaya. Second, I wonder if overall the issue is making a maripaux (sp) in a tin foil wrap. Third, I'd jack it up a bit with some spices (someone mentioned chipotle, I would probably go with one half of a chipotle and a teaspoon of the adobo sauce, or a nice chili powder mix). Last, I might consider making a small roux (like say a teaspoon of it) and coating the ingredients with it, then putting everything in the tinfoil and then adding the wet stuff.

Overall, I like the recipe as it sounds like it has merit, and I love tinfoil cooking over the grill or fire (less cleanup).


Those are all good suggestions, thanks. Oh, and it's mirepoix. :-) Let me know if you try it and how it turns out!


I read this in Bloglines and made Otto come read it, too, so that we could give you some suggestions... and then I came to the actual page with comments and saw that everyone already said what we were going to say. ;)

First and foremost, it's gotta be andouille. Then I was leaning towards chili powder/adobo but now I'm thinking chipotle might be yummy!


Andy isn't nuts about andouille, so that's why I went with the alternative in this case. The kielbasa was actually very tasty; the overall dish just didn't work somehow.


I think it has to do with the fact that you steam the veggies rather than saute them, for one. You are just throwing everything togther into a pouch without giving the flavors any way to meld together like in a soup pot (or saute pan). And good, traditional gumbo would use a homemade stock. I don't think that even spicing it up can save this recipe as it's the technique itself (which would be great for other dishes) that doesn't work.


Sorry, that should be "together." Though I kind of like "togther," it has a nice caveman sound to it.


I think jambalaya is meant to be more of a stew than gumbo, which is more of a soup (but what do I know)? I thought that the wet rub for the shrimp plus the butter melting on top would do the trick for flavor, but apparently not.


My brain is so jumbled from my crazy work-the-festival all weekend experience and concurrent lack of sleep that it turned "jambalaya" into "gumbo" without me even realizing it. I still stand by the "saute the veggies first" idea, though. Think how the flavor of a bell pepper changes when you cook it in some hot olive oil, how it sweetens and mellows. Steaming doesn't do that.


Take it in more of a Shrimp Mozambique direction?

A little bit of a hoppy beer, parsley, lemon, Goya Sazon con Azafran (the one with the shrimp on the box)... should do the trick nicely.

Check out a shrimp Mozambique recipe to get the idea, though I imagine you're probably already familiar with the dish.

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