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September 10, 2007



"E" was hard. Here goes: Elena, even, El (elevated train), "ER", Everett (WA), Edward, Emma, eggnog, engineer, Earth shoes, Ellen DeGeneres, eel, electric toothbrush, elevator broke down, Eeyore, Excuse me??!!!


That is a truly exceptional excuse for being late for work.


"J" had a few challenges: Joel, Jolt, Jetta, "Just the Ten of Us", Jakarta, Johann, Jeanette, Jagermeister, Job recruiter, jodphurs, Jimmy Stewart, Jelly, Jojoba lotion, Just overslept, Jimmy Neutron,"Jeebus!"


"T" was fun!


I'm a k too so I'll just ride your coat-tails.


OK, but do go with Kimba the White Lion, which I didn't think of until it was too late.

Deb C

Name: Debra
Four letter word: desk
Vehicle: Dodge Dakota
TV show: Dancing with the Stars
City: Denver
Boy name: David
Girl name: Donna
Alcoholic drink: Drambuie
Occupation: ditch digger
Something you wear: Dress
Celebrity: Debra Kerr
Food: dates
Something you find in a bathroom: Dirty sink
Reason for being late: "Don't even go there" (with hand up for extra emphasis)
Cartoon character: Dora the Explorer
Something you shout: "Damn it!"

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