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September 04, 2007


Going Like Sixty

"albumize?" Heh.
Off topic a little because this deals with another cats-ass-trophy...
We live in tornado country, so we have a "tornado basket" (laundry basket) where we can throw all that stuff along with the standard emergency stuff and haul it to our safe place.


funny you should post this...my SIL and i were talking over the weekend; her parents live in Sun Valley and had to be evacuated because of the fires...which started a conversation about what we would take if it happened to us.

fyi, her mom's friend owns an art gallary downtown and said they've been working round the clock to fly out, on private jets, all the artwork from the house's of the rich and famous...rembrants, monets, etc...wrap, crate and load onto the G7s that pepper the Sun Valley airport...i guess they really are different from you and me!

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