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September 19, 2007



Amen sister!!!

Judy Blume's Deenie saved my psyche, I think. I have scoliosis and had to wear a brace in hs. Luckily I went to a small, private school where I'd known most of the girls since toddlerhood.

My parents have become much more conservative as they age (some say that is normal) but I thank goodness, my Mom encouraged me to read even controversial books and then talk with her about why others thought they were "bad".
Thanks Mom!


Yes, Deenie was in that pile today too, and I was happy that one girl immediately seized it and asked me to check it out for her. :-)


she sounds like an AWESOME media specialist/librarian! In the county where I work as a school library media specialist, Harry Potter has been challenged recently (the crazy lady has actually challenged it to the GA State Supreme court!) and Deenie was challenged in our county 15 years ago and is actually used in many library schools as an example of a book challenge that got out of control!

ALA sells a great banned Book bracelet and t-shirt!

Deb C

We are fortunate here in Western Massachusetts. My daughter's first reading assignment in ninth grade was to read a banned book! Not a single parent objected.


That's great! I can tell you that wouldn't happen here in the Bible Belt. When my daughter was in 3rd grade, she was reading Harry Potter during recess and one of the children said something about her parents saying that she couldn't read Harry Potter because it was against Jesus.

The teacher, still one of the best Haley has ever had, took the opportunity to give an on-the-spot lesson on censorship. She even asked, in a very non-threatening way, if the child's parents had read the book.

In my opinion, those banned books never quite live up to my expectations...I want them to be racier and they never seem to be.

Have you read Tom Sawyer lately? Or was it Huckleberry Finn? My husband got it for my son and I started reading it and was appalled at the use of the "N" word...but you have to consider the times in which it was written.


Oh...and this is kind of interesting...especially for the Bible Belt. My daughter has a class called Paideia which combines History and Language Arts. It focuses a great deal on classroom participation, public speaking and debate. They have done some really interesting things so far.

Instead of the teacher pedantically explaining what plagiarism is, she handed out some news stories about plagiarism at a couple different schools around the country. The kids had to read them and then write about their viewpoints on the issue, how it was handled (one teacher was disciplined for enforcing the plagiarism policy) and how it should be dealt with. I love this...making the kids think and process instead of memorizing!

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