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September 15, 2007



I don't understand the problem! ;-)


Grrrrr! Even a Yankees fan must have a place in her heart for a broken-hearted 10-year-old girl, no?


Sounds so much like the Mariners..."when the pitching fell apart..."


My husband is still muttering to himself about this.


I think your whole family is jinxed - PLEASE tell me you don't have any chance at getting playoff tickets!

BTW, my brother is not allowed to go to anymore sox games this year either, everytime he goes they lose.



No, no, no! This was the first time Steph ever went to a losing game, except for that time when she went with Pete! I think *I* was the problem -- I went to bed when we were still winning 7-2; I should have stayed up.

I'm afraid we will indeed be at some playoff games......

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