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October 17, 2007



Definitely counter-clockwise for me. I tried to see it the other way, and for one brief second I thought I did. But then I blinked and now I don't know if I really did.


Definitely counter-clockwise. No way I can see it any other way.


Clockwise. I have no ability to see it the other way.


Clockwise. I can concentrate and get her to switch at will, though. It was tough the first time, but now it is much easier.

Definitely the tendency is toward clockwise every time I see it again.


Clockwise first. On second look I saw counter clockwise. Then back to clockwise. Interesting.


OMG. That is so weird. At first I only saw her turning clockwise. I couldn't understand how anyone could say otherwise. Then I focused on the shadow of her feet for a few seconds, and when I looked up again, she was turning counter-clockwise!


Counter. Tried but was unable to see it clockwise. James- I'm surprised, I would definitely have picked you as being left brained.

On other tests I've been pegged as being slightly left brained. On one that assigned percentages I ranged from 51 - 55% left brained.


I see her consistently both directions. I look at her, clockwise. I look away and look at her again, counter-clockwise. Does that mean I'm ambibraindous?


Counter at first then then she switched and went back. I got her to switch again and then couldn't go back. I'll give it a rest and see what happens. I want to be able to control which direction she is spinning.


100% clockwise. I can't for the life of me see it anything but!


At first, I saw her counter-clockwise. Tried to concentrate & make her change direction and couldn't, but then POOF! all of a sudden she started going clockwise. Turns out I can make her change direction by focussing somewhere else on the page for a bit.


I can only see her spinning counter-clockwise no matter what tricks I use!


Counter at first and then she suddenly switched. Now I can't get her to turn the other way! Does that mean I've lost my capacity for logical thought?


Okay ... what does it say about someone who can see her spin either way or just sway back and forth with no spin at all? I had to look away to see any spin. I see her sway from the left to the right and back again - no spin!


Clockwise. Does anyone else have her singing?


I just keep getting annoyed that they picked a skinny, perky-boobed, naked chick for this.


She switches back-and-forth pretty much every time I look away, which makes sense as I'm the kind of person who loves math so much it makes me cry.


Clockwise. Surprisingly clockwise. I have been able to switch one time, for only a nanosecond.


Hi Karen -
I love stuff like this. I definitely see it clockwise and my wife counterclockwise only. I understand the silhouette principle of having decide more or less subconsciously when she's facing forward and how that dictates the perception, but I couldn't for the life of me see it counterclockwise UNTIL I used a more elaborate version of your method: I covered up everything but the shadow of the foot, convinced myself that it was going counterclockwise and slowly revealed the rest of the image, consciously incorporating each body part into the counterclockwise motion. But when the whole thing is there I definitely see it clockwise.
No time to reread ! I hope I didn't make any typos.

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