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October 25, 2007



Not to worry. I grew up with Barbie and I think I turned out ok. I graduate college and even got a master's degree. And my daughter LOVED her many Barbies and she not only went to Berkeley but now on her way to a PhD. We're both pretty liberal feminists. It will be fine. :-)


Okay I 'graduated' college but that didn't make me a great typer.


I know. :-) But mark my words: I will NEVER buy one of those horrible BRATZ.


Barbie is harmless as a nun compared to those slutty bratz dolls! My mom forbid me to have Barbies as a kid and it drove me nuts so when my daughter turned 3 I gave her ballerina Barbie. Five years later she still plays with it as well as the fairy barbies. Life's short- love Barbie!


The ridiculous thing is that we have Polly Pockets up the wazoo (well, not literally) in this house. Why are they any better than Barbie? Who knows why I do anything?

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