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October 16, 2007



Because my birthday is on the 19th (of January), 19 has always been a special number to me.

According to Wikipedia, BRONZE is the traditional, modern gift for a 19th wedding anniversary... You may just want to mention that to your husband should he be passing any galleries in his travels today.

Happy Anniversary!


Congrats. :)


Happy 19th. Here's to the next 19.


Happy anniversary!! That's quite an accomplishment. :)


All imaginable happiness to you both.


Holy crap, congratulations. My husband and I are just hoping to make it to our 8th? 9th? Well, this isn't a good sign.


Wow -- your marriage is a college sophomore. Congrats!


My first marriage limped to its 18th anniversary, which fell in between the divorce filing and the final decree. Congratulations to you and Andy on 19 years together! I hope this means October is an auspicious wedding month. My second husband and I will celebrate our first wedding anniversary this coming weekend (10/21).


TwoBusy, are you saying that my marriage drinks and smokes and stays out all night?

Oh wait, I get it, thanks!


Happy anniversary! And many more. As a person born in October, I would have to assert that it is an excellent month for all sorts of special occasions. So, congratulations to you, too, Florinda. You picked a most excellent date.

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