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October 27, 2007


Debra Hamel

This is interesting. We were ghosted (but not with an online element to it, and not with that poem) for the first time this year. I'd never heard of it before, and neither had the people across the street, who were also ghosted. But someone another block away said she's done it/known about it for years. Had you heard of this before? I think it's a nice tradition, but it's odd that this new thing has suddenly developed.


I have a vague memory of it from a year or two ago, but it certainly hasn't yet become part of our annual Halloween festivities.


This is weird, Karen. It would not save - hope there is no virus associated with it! I tried to send it to SO becaise there is no printer associated with my laptop, but after almost 30 minutes it is still "saving" the poem document.I might have to just cancel the wholw thing, I am paranoid about viruses from this sort of thing.


I've never heard of the online component, but we used to get ghosted all the time in our neighborhood when we lived in Wisconsin. That would have been in the late '90s. I've never encountered it anywhere else.


That's odd, Risottogirl -- we saved it on Andy's Windows machine and then again on my Mac with no problems. Everyone in my neighborhood is doing it, so I'm quite sure it's virus-free.



Thanks for blogging about this tradition and the updated PDF. I hope your readers enjoy the website and the fun!

Happy Halloween!

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