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October 19, 2007


Debra Hamel

Excellent review, Karen!

Diane Neer

I think that was a well-written, candid review. There are few books that earn a perfect 10 and if we limited our reading to only those perfect 10's, we would miss out on some good stuff.

Being able to see a book for its successes and failures is what makes some people better reviewers and better book group members than others. It has to go beyond "I liked it" or "Hated it, couldn't finish it" and into the whys and wherefores.

Sometimes it is simply a matter of where your head is at. Maybe your focus on the Red Sox and their push to the Series had an impact on your take on the book. I vividly remember tossing aside Alias Grace after about 50 pages and then picking it up again when Amy INSISTED (and she only does that when she really, really knows I wil like something) that I start over again and give it 75 pages. It became one of my favorite books of the year that year.


OK...my review is up...now I reread yours (and it is so superior to mine!) and will check out the NY times.

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