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October 20, 2007



It looks good in the Safari RSS reader.


Well, I guess I'll just be clicking through to your blog more often. :)


I put your URL into the Google Feed Validator and got this:

I have no idea what it mean. :-)

Diane Neer

A blog stalker? You changed your picture? You are really a type-A blogger. I want to emulate you. I don't know if this is a stalker-ish thing to ask...but why is my blog not on your daily fixes? You are on mine! It's actually the only one to which I have appended a subtitle (my grammatical soulmate).

Your stuff is coming up on my iGoogle reader with some HTML, but I just click on "show original item" and it takes me directly to your site, so I don't really care. You can complain to whomever...but whenever I have a question like that, I e-mail Mr. Linky ([email protected]) and he always seems to have the answers. Because he writes his code for all the different blog servers, he seems to know all the ins and outs.


That's my iChat photo, which I decided was better than the blog photo I had been using for a while.

I haven't updated my "Daily Fixes" in ages --I follow 125 feeds at Bloglines, so it would be kind of cumbersome...!

I will try Mr. Linky, thanks!


Nothing to do with your post, but all to do with your snazzy photo. I meant to comment on it earlier. You look just like my best friend from junior high in that photo. I guess what I'm trying to say is you look 13 again. ;-) I want a magic camera.


Interesting to know.

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