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October 26, 2007



I also only had parakeets as pets growing up because we lived in an apartment. Of course there was the occasional goldfish or turtle too. I also love wild cherry Lifesavers and cherry Tootsie Pops, although I don't eat hard candy too often. I have been substitute teaching for someone who has coffee-caramel Werther's Originals in her desk and I snitched a few of those (but then, I'm a coffee lover unlike you). Also, I have to say I'm disappointed that you wouldn't want to make a commercial for Maytag! ;-)


Leave it to me to latch on to perhaps the least important item in this entire post... but anyway... have you had the Yummy Earth Organics hard candies? They sell 'em at Amazon (there's a coupon code for them through the end of the month, too, I think) and they're all-natural, etc. BUT the reason I'm bringing them up is because the flavors are derived from, you know, actual fruit, and I wonder if that would make you branch out from cherry?

My favorite is pomegranate. ;)


What do you mean? Everything on my blog is equally important. ;-)

I'll consider looking for those candies, but it's not like I need another sweet thing to get addicted to!

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