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October 26, 2007



Um... JD Drew is hitting 0.571 in the world series close to 400 in the playoffs and is a better than average right fielder in teh biggest outfield in the majors. In fact don't be too surprised to see crisp back out there rather than Elssbury at some point.

It stinks that Youk will sit but he'll be coming off the bench 1st I'm sure and I'd imagine you'll see some double switches with him and the pitcher.

If we are up 3 - 1 he'll start game 5 against the lefty. He and Lowell will each play once in games 3 and 4.


No, I didn't mean to take out Drew ... damn, I don't want to take out anyone!

Generic Humanoid

I think the big key here is Ortiz and Papi in the lineup. Alternating Youki and Lowell is probably a pretty good move because, as you said, you don't want to take anyone out of the lineup!

Environmental issues will be altitude (reduced oxygen vs. sea level, while negligible at mile high vs. 8,000 feet, will reduce some stamina and shortness of breath), temperature, and the fact that the stadium is bigger (higher possibility of texas leaguers and bloopers).

They should start Becket on 3 & 5 as well :P That or they should tank game 3 & 5, start Becket on 4 & 6 so Boston can have a real MLCS celebration ;)

Deb C

With regards to your question "Could Game 1 and Game 2 have been any different?" NO, but I agree that they were both exciting. Back in Denver, I am worried that altitude may come into play, but that may mean an even more exciting and different game for Game 3. Who knows? One thing is certain, I will be watching with my NY Yankee-loving husband cheering for the Rockies. Go RED SOX!


Dang it! Don't the Sox realize the spread is -1.5?!?!?!?!

I find it amusing that everyone talks about Ramirez ripping off his helmet while running the bases....spoken like people who never played little league! The helmet is mostly there in case you get beaned while batting, but while running the bases it limits your vision, limits your hear, and is ****ed uncomfortable. Back in the day, I would lose the helmet as fast as I could, too!


I agree -- I think they should all just take off their helmets as soon as they reach first base. People complained that he took the time to do it while running; yes, it would have been better if he'd taken it off before running.


I think that is Mannie being Mannie...he waits until the camera is on him before he takes the hat off! ;)

Back when I played ball I tried to toss the **** thing to the side when I was on the base, but they made me put it back on. Like I said, the moment I started running I would lose it, the can is annoying when trying to run!

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